Bridge Link Weight Server
Link Any Weighbridge or Serial Device to your Browser


Windows Service

Simple JavaScript Call

Link Your Weighbridge Directly To OpenWeigh

How to Use The Weight Service in OpenWeigh

1. Download and Install the Bridge Link Service

OpenWeigh Bridge Link Serial Service can be purchased from us at £99.00 once downloaded and installed it runs as a windows service in the background and allows bi direction communication with any connected serial device such as a Weighbridge or scale

2. Configure the Service

Edit the Installed configuration file and choose from single line replies, baud rates, response characters or a real all function. Finally Just Tell OpenWeigh what Weighbridge You are using by editing your user settings and your done.

					PORT = COM1
					PARITY = N
					BAUDRATE = 9600
					BYTESIZE = 8
					STOPBITS = 1
					REPLY = "\x6"


3. Create a Ticket and Read the Weight

Once Configured head to the ticketing Section and create a new ticket. Press get weight when your ready and the service will read the weight direct from the WeighBridge and securely store with the ticket data.

Remote Installation By OpenWeigh

Installed and configured by our team remotely for OpenWeigh Customers
Have our team link your device to our software remotely, all you need is a Weighbridge with a serial port

£ 350.00

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HTTP-COM (Bridge Link) Weight Service for Other Uses

Our weight service is also available for stand alone purchase for use by other software systems and your own developers. HTTP-COM acts as a serial server on your clients PC. By running a low overhead web server it allows you to directly communicate with and Serial (RS-232) device directly from your browser applications. Finally you can get the device information straight into your cloud applications.

Single Seat License £ 180.00

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