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OpenWeigh Announce the Release of V2 HTTP-COM Server

October 15, 2016

OpenWeigh weighbridge software has today announced the upcoming release of its new communication tool HTTP-COM which brings greater compatibility with more manufacturers weighbridge systems. Joanne Cross from CEO of OpenWeigh comments- Manufacturers of weighbridges have failed over the years to agree and produce a standard serial protocol for weighbridge and industrial weighing Indicators. This has led to a very fragmented approach to serial communications which is the preferred protocol of many manufacturers. It’s laughable that in this day and age these manufacturers still rely on a technology first introduced in 1962. Whilst we have seen some manufacturers starting to introduce Ethernet in the last 12 month not a single one to our knowledge has integrated a standard Web API (Application programming interface). With the release of our new Serial Server, we have a tool that now allows us to integrate better with the weighbridge indicator, it can connect directly with the Browser using a simple Http API. Having completed recent integrations with Avery Weightronix indicators and the Popular Weightron Bilanciai indicators our new COM server will bring added security benefits for many OpenWeigh Customers Http-Com Will be released on 01st November 2016 check out for more information.

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Waste Management Software Update

April 17, 2016

With integrated waste management features such as EWC codes and Waste Carriers Licences, OpenWeigh has now become the most cost effective solution for small waste transfer or disposal sites.
Starting from just £25 per month OpenWeigh is the only weighbridge waste management software solution that is affordable for SME's and offers a full solution for small waste transfer sites.
Completing annual waste returns is easy by simply exporting your weighbridge data directly to excel you can create the summary and simply copy and paste directly into your waste returns.

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OpenWeigh Release first Accounts Integration with Sage One Online Accounts

January 15, 2016

OpenWeigh have today released our first third party integration targeting the Sage One online accounts suite of software. This integration will bring us the first full accounts integration for the OpenWeigh weighbridge software package. The new Sage One link will speed up invoicing for users of OpenWeigh and has two distinct invoicing methods.

OpenWeigh subscribers with a Small Business subsection can now integrate SageOne online accounts directly with their OpenWeigh Software.
Individual tickets can be sent straight to Sage for invoicing creating an itemised invoice with ticket details embedded. Alternatively users of the OpenWeigh orders module can send each order directly to SageOne at the push of a button.

This represents another feature that has been rolled out to OpenWeigh customers at no additional charge and marks the start of a series of integrators we had planned for 2016.

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OpenWeigh Release new Corporate Dedicated Server Package

December 01, 2015

OpenWeigh have released a new corporate version of our class busting weighbridge software. Enterprise+ from openweigh is a enterprise class installation on clients own virtual servers. Where server security has to be managed in-house the new version of OpenWeigh can be supplied as a one off free or an annual contract that includes technical support.

OpenWeigh Enterprise+ represents further development from the OpenWeigh team where we are dedicated to bringing affordable software to businesses of all sizes

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IMO Requirement For Container Weight Verification

March 13, 2015

The IMO's Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at its 93rd session (May 2014) approved changes to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention regarding a mandatory container weight verification requirement on shippers. This is an effort WSC has been advocating for many years. Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargo and Containers (DSC) Sub-committee approved changes to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention that will require verification of container weights before loaded containers may be placed aboard ships.

OpenWeigh Weighbridge software can be configured to issue a fully compliant weighbridge ticked, coupled with a standard weighbridge from any european manufacturer you can quickly and easily comply with the new regulations. For more information please Contact Us
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