Our Mission Statement at OpenWeigh...

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We make ...

Awesome web based weighbridge software applications, targeted at small and medium sized business. With over 20 years experience in the weighbridge industry we decided to put our knowledge to work and bring the weighing industry into the 21st century with a cloud based apps that can link to any manufacturers equipment. And to make it better we released the source code so you could help us develop OpenWeigh into the premier weighbridge ticketing application for business.


We do it because...

most weighbridge software isn't actually built for small businesses. It's really meant for large businesses with dozens and sometimes hundreds of weighbridges. (Just look at how complicated and expensive they are...!) There's a world of difference between the needs of a small or medium sized business with one or two weighbridges, compared to a multinational. So we built OpenWeigh to plug the gap , including all those one weighbridge companies out there. And that makes for a much better fit between our product and your needs.


We exist to..

liberate you and your weighbridge with smart, integrated weighbridge software that saves you time and money, helping you run your business better and smarter, giving you the freedom to do whatever it is you'd rather be doing.