OpenWeigh Weighbridge Software Features...


Detailed Customer Record Storage

Store all of your client information in OpenWeigh and recall with a simple account name lookup during the ticket process. OpenWeigh can store full company information including addresses and postcodes which transfer onto your weighbridge tickets automatically

Add New Customers Simply

Add new customer records quickly with the click of a button or amend any existing records. Customers are linked to tickets so your updates will appear automatically on your weighbridge tickets.

Vehicle Information & Tracking

Vehicle information is stored in the database so it can be quickly recalled during ticket creation, The Weighbridge vehicle table includes data such as Stored Tares and Waste Carriers License Number you can set an expiry date against the license and be warned during ticket creation of expired licenses

Stored Tares

Weighbridge ticket creation is fast with stored tares, each vehicle is only required to weigh once, the total weight is calculated against the stored tare value, halving the Weighbridge operation time and speeding up the time wasted at the gatehouse.


Product Storage and Tracking

Product information is stored in the Weighbridge database, allowing it to be recalled simply and quickly during weighbridge ticket creation. Store product codes, descriptions, and types against each product and they will appear on your ticket during the weighbridge ticketing transaction.

European Waste Codes (EWC) Features

Storing Waste codes is a legal requirement for any licensed waste transfer facility, OpenWeigh Weighbridge software includes a full list of the current waste codes and descriptions. By simply enabling the waste features in system admin these fields are added and you can select from any of the EWC codes.

Loading Points (Sources)

With product movement it is important to know where in your vast arsenal it originated from or where you are depositing it. That's why we crated the sources table so you could quickly track how much product is removed from a stockpile or cell at the click of a button

Stock Pile values

Every time a loading point or source as we call it is selected at the Weighbridge the quantity going to that area is increased by the net weight, rather than have to produce a report you can view any source and see the real time info of how much product has been taken from it.


Easy Ticketing Interface

At the heart of the OpenWeigh Weighbridge system is the ticketing interface, after all this where your weighbridge operator will spend most of their time, its clean and fast to use, just start typing in any field, and our smart search will pull up the relevant vehicle registration, source customer or delivery address.

Smart Weighbridge Tickets

Dot matrix printers and NCR paper are a thing of the past with OpenWeigh Weighbridge software, your logo is included on your ticket along with your address details and any other relevant information and printed directly to any printer through your windows or mac print dialog you can choose from 1 copy to 50 its that flexible.

Simple Reporting with Excel exports

We could spend hours writing reports and putting together financial or product summary data in a nice PDF file for you, But why reinvent the wheel? Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or even Pages on the Mac are world leaders in preparing financial documents, spread sheets and charts. So we have a simple way for getting your data in the format you need it Export it to a package that can.

Multiple Export types

At the click of a button you can have all your ticketing or loading information in an Excel or CSV format and use this to sum divide or even sort the data ready for invoicing, Most modern invoicing systems like Sage will allow this data to be imported directly into your invoicing making billing a breeze.


Secure Cloud Servers

We are proud to host your data with Digital Ocean, their servers are fast, secure and available 100% of the time. Your data is backed up as part of our daily routine, so you don't have to worry about what happens if your PC fails you can use OpenWeigh with any PC that has an Internet connection.

Connect from Anywhere

Access your data any time of day or night from any location in the world, keep track of deliveries and stockpiles when at home or abroad. Simply log-on to our server and see what is happening at your Weighbridge in real time.